The River Cafe wedding venue is set in the heart of Prince’s Island Park. It has a spectacular patio for small weddings, and over looks the park. We highly suggest this venue for a few reasons. One the food is amazing, the decor is rustic, classy and very Canadiana, and lastly the location can not be beat.

We were looking forward to this River Cafe wedding all year. This is mostly because when we met with Heather and Rich we had an instant connection and we knew this would be a really special day.

Also as a side note you can get a permit to drive right into the park, if you are worried about guests with mobility issues.

Thank you to the staff at the River Cafe, and we look forward to being back soon! Now on to the wedding.

Heather and Rich had a wedding focused on everything that matters, family, food, great music, and bicycles. After man online dress attempts Heather ended us with a dress that will forever be the source of my dress envy. They had a ceremony and reception at River Cafe, and celebrated the night away to the Mocking Shadows. But those, those are just the details; and the real magic of this wedding — the magic you can see and feel in their images –is because of who Rich and Heather are as people. Lovely, wonderful, sweet, funny, awesome, great, all those words don’t really describe it. So, will leave it to the pictures to explain.

Thank you, Thank you so much:)

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